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““‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.”

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Friday, August 16 2019

Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Sometimes we don’t need to fight our battles especially where people and strife and conflict exist. We do need to look out for ourselves but sometimes more than not we need to take it to God and be still, and yes as the Bible says, bridle our tongues.

Christians need to be careful not to let Satan get a stronghold and bring confusion and turmoil which makes emotions increase and impacts the ability of the mind to think carefully and cautiously. 

The mind and our defense and offensive system is complicated, it can change fast when emotions are involved and too often lead to things being said or thought that we would only regret. Satan is the author of confusion not the Lord and Satan can stir, divide and conquer, when emotions and temper run rapid.

One can be assertive without being aggressive, they can share thoughts gently but abruptness gets no one anywhere in the long run.

Once words are spoken they cannot be taken back, they can be toned down, clarified or apologized, but once spoken they are there.

The Lord Jesus has more experience and power and insight into our battles-problems or perceived battles-problems than we do, and is most equipped to help us or even handle situations, give Him a chance.

When God says be still, He means in part to stop and find peace and let emotions calm, and when we are still we give the Holy Spirit time to speak to us and lead us and time for us to think on.

Battles are not always the way they seem, they may be Spiritual but becoming evident in the physical realm. There are things that happen in the unseen world that we do not see or fully understand, but it’s there.  The Bible says: “We wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers in places unseen”.

The Bible also says “Take every thought captive and see if it is of Christ”, if not get rid of it.

Again, we can be assertive and gentle but to let emotions take over can be self defeating. First, take it to God.

Many battles don’t need to be fought, in a few days the need is gone, we might see more clearly when we ask God to help. 

What to do?  Stop, be still, calm the emotions and seek God truthfully and immediately and ask Him to solve or help you.

Not to imply anyone needs to be a doormat and let people run over them, but there is a way to handle things differently than what your first reaction might be.

Stand up for yourself when needed but there is a way that is better than what our first reaction might be.

We also need to guard our witness and reputation and protect our minds and emotions so that we can be effective.

God can teach and make us effective in how we choose and fight battles, and they certainly need to have Him in the picture to calm storms, and as has been said, some battles are not really battles and some never need to be waged. Did Jesus Christ fight His Father about the Cross? Did He Jesus attack Peter when He denied Him? Did He chastise or belittle the Adulterous woman or the woman at the well? He did get stern with the Pharisees but seldom individuals, and that was because He had no other way to get them to recognize their religious error in an attempt to accept His Grace. Let’s try forgiving and loving our enemies, who said that?

Peace be with you, and be blessed in the Lord Jesus.

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